iO’s new show breeds space for fresh, diverse voices in comedy

Above Ground Pool

By Junie Burns Medill Reports Six brand new performance teams took the stage in iO Theater’s two-night New Team Smell Season 2 premiere on Oct. 29 and Nov. 5. These new groups of students are selected by audition, and earn a spot performing at iO on Tuesday nights throughout the eight-week season. Lincoln Park’s iO […]

Comer Conference scientists show global impacts of climate change

By Chris McConaghey Medill Reports The glaciers are melting faster, accelerating sea level rise. Ocean currents are changing, altering weather and rainfall that millions of people rely on. And wind patterns are shifting as the climate heats up. These are among the global climate challenges deliberated at the annual Comer Climate Conference in southwestern Wisconsin […]

Meet ‘Big G’s’ Spicy Pizza Pioneer Jaime Gamez


By Harrison Liao Medill Reports Picture your dream pizza. Whether it’s monstrous Chicago deep dish or a bright, red Naples style pie, you can envision a few common savory traits — cheese stretching at the seams with the physics-defying grace of an Olympic gymnast, steam rolling off of shimmering tomato sauce and crust decorated with […]

Must See Macy’s Holiday Windows on State Street!

By Annie Krall Medill Reports The holiday season is just around the corner and most of us are probably not ready here in Chicago. Yet, one man has been planning for this winter all year, and it is finally his “time to shine”. Take a look at a day in the life of Brian Peluso, […]