College track athlete crosses the finish line against disordered eating

By Zoe Collins Rath Medill Reports Jessica Harris, a winter graduate of DePaul with degrees in biology and environmental science, excelled as captain of the women’s track and field team. But she had a secret from her past that impacted how she captained the team. “I thought, ‘Okay, this is something I can do and […]

Racism pushes queer people of color to look for Boystown alternatives

By Adam Rhodes Medill Reports Queer people of color are turning away from Chicago “gayborhood” Boystown after two anti-black incidents last year and what some say is a pattern of hostility and racism in the neighborhood. Last May, a leaked email showed that management at Boystown gay bar Progress Bar aimed to ban rap music […]

Bronzeville Boutique connects women with trendy Chinese fashion designs

By Wanying Zhao Medill Reports China, the world’s largest clothing manufacturer, is also taking a rapid lead in clothing design. At the Bronzeville Boutique on Chicago’s South Side, owner Treva Salaam discovered her favorite land of fashion is Guangzhou, China. “I go to a lot of clothing shows. I go to major shows in Vegas, […]

Inspiration Corp. tackles food insecurity: ‘We need to give a damn’

Inspiration Corp

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports Take a two-minute walk around the corner from the Wilson Red Line station to find Inspiration Corp., a non-profit organization waging war on food insecurity and hunger in Chicago as it has since 1989. In Cook Country, one in seven people are food insecure, meaning that they are vulnerable to […]

Speak your truth at OUTspoken’s monthly storytelling event

By Miyah Keller Medill Reports From speaking out on the acceptance of the LGBTQ community to speaking the truth about our own lives, storytelling can bring awareness to diversity. OUTspoken is Chicago’s storytelling event celebrating unique personal stories from across the LGBTQ community. On the first Tuesday of every month, people from Chicago’s LGBTQ community […]