Chicago high schools need more women to coach boys’ teams

By Clara Facchetti Medill Reports When Emma Manning started coaching boys’ track and field at Lake View High School, she encountered a lot of resistance from her athletes. Manning said that a lot of the boys would question her training program during practice, asking why they had to do things a certain way. “I think […]

Boys’ wrestling only woman coach in Chicago high schools on her wins and challenges

By Clara Facchetti Medill Reports Angela Kus started her coaching career in Chicago sixteen years ago. Kus, who is an English teacher, had always been interested in sports and wanted to coach football. When she first expressed her interest, her male principal at the time laughed and suggested that she coach volleyball or cheerleading. So, […]

Puerto Rican communities take matters into their own hands

By Joel Jacobs Medill Reports As Puerto Rico struggles with crushing public debt, an economic recession and natural disasters, many residents disillusioned with the local and federal government have taken matters into their own hands. For many of the approximately 3.1 million Puerto Ricans on the island, the strategy going forward is oriented around self-reliance.  […]

Illinois models boys’ and men’s volleyball growth at all levels

By Leah Vann Medill Reports Christine Giunta’s deep, sharp voice swells in the Glenbard West High School gym, permeating the air with commands to the boys’ volleyball players who dwarf her in height. Giunta is not only the head coach, but also the founder of the boys’ volleyball program at Glenbard West. She developed it […]

Technically Healthy with Annie Krall – Episode 1

By Annie Krall Medill Reports Technically Healthy with Annie Krall takes the viewer into the world’s most advanced technologies being used in a variety of industries. Especially when it comes to artificial intelligence. Travel with us to baseball’s spring training in Goodyear, AZ to see how the Cincinnati Reds are staying healthy for the season…whenever […]

Tomorrow’s fossils will represent fewer species, more humans

By Zack Fishman Medill Reports The piping plover, an endangered shore bird that spends summers on the Great Lakes and the Atlantic coast, is recovering as a species. After more than a century of game hunting and habitat destruction, conservation efforts have helped bring back the population of the small sand-colored bird to more than […]

Smack Dab Chicago works to keep serving community and staff amid COVID-19

By Anika Exum Medill Reports Smack Dab Chicago, a restaurant nestled “smack dab” in Rogers Park, offers a menu full of delectable items and lots of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options. This and the addition of its warm space and staff draw every type of foodie, especially at their monthly free community dinners. However, with […]

Caribbean-poet Christian Campbell addresses climate change, colonialism through his art

Poet Christian Campbell

By Seb Peltekian Medill Reports “My friend from Guyana was asked in Philadelphia if she was from ‘Iguana.’” Caribbean poet Christian Campbell read the lines to the audience of about 100 people. The audience, including many college students, chuckled at this clever word play and the absurd misunderstanding presented in the poem. Campbell’s poetry captures […]