ASMR, Explained


By Justin Horowitz Medill Reports Autonomous sensory meridian response has taken over select corners of the Internet. More commonly known as ASMR, the term was coined in 2010 as a way to describe the experience of brain tingles. Brain tingles are a sensation some people experience when exposed to triggers such as hearing whispers, tapping […]

COVID-19: Stories from across America

Veterans at Memorial Day celeration

By Jenny Ly Medill Reports In this May 25-31 special report, COVID-19: Stories from across America, Medill Reports looks at how the global pandemic is affecting Memorial Day and wedding celebrations, campaign voting and youth activities across the country. Coronavirus has now officially claimed the lives of at least 100,000 Americans. From Indianapolis to Chicago, […]

George Floyd protests and ongoing pandemic push attorneys to provide free counsel

By Sidnee King and Emine Yücel Medill Reports As hundreds of protesters wait in jails across the country after a weekend of raucous demonstrations, lawyers from Chicago to Los Angeles are taking to social media, offering free counsel. Legal professionals say pro bono work is especially important given that the pandemic is still ravaging the […]