A Chicago-based exhibition emphasizes the need for local climate change solutions

Breathing to the Next Breath

By Natalie Eilbert Medill Reports For her newest installation, collagist N. Masani Landfair sought to recreate the black mold that festered in her South Side home in Chicago as a result of climate change and that had, throughout her life, affected her and her family’s respiratory systems. When she moved to Georgia, climate change once […]

Rare-earth metal reveals ancient ocean currents linked to climate triggers

Sophie Hines and a colleague on a deep-sea drilling rig

By Marisa Sloan Medill Reports Despite the sci-fi name of this rare-earth element, neodymium is actually pretty common. The silvery metal is used in everything from cell phones and wind turbines to tanning booths and electric guitars. But it’s the neodymium found thousands of meters below the ocean’s surface that captured the interest of Dr. […]