Supply chain pickles: An underestimated anomaly of a commodity

By Mollie Rotmensch Medill Reports Shortly after married duo Lindsay Malinowski and Bradley Treusdell bought their home in Chicago’s Logan Square neighborhood, they gutted out the first floor and embarked on a two-year renovation. They remodeled the space into their first restaurant, The Little Pickle, which opened in 2017. The menu included soups, sandwiches, and […]

WATCH: Highland Park shooting renews push for Illinois and federal assault weapons ban

By Hannah Shapiro Medill Reports The shooting at Highland Park’s Fourth of July parade killed seven people and injured dozens more. In the month following the shooting, community members, activists and local politicians have committed to preventing such violence from impacting other communities, focusing their efforts on pushing for state and federal bans of assault […]

Destigmatizing herpes: Meet the creator behind the podcast that saves people’s lives

By Sam Dier Medill Reports It took Courtney Brame four years after his herpes simplex virus type 2, or HSV-2, diagnosis to begin seeking out information about his positive status. An invasive Google search led him to multiple support groups, mostly private, filled with members shame-ridden by their diagnosis. It was there that he noticed […]