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Energy and power company leaders meet in Chicago to call for a clean energy surge

By Puja Bhattacharjee

It’s time. Energy leaders are calling for a shift to renewable power sources to meet future needs for utility companies, including for Commonwealth Edison Co.

“How do you take the systems we have built into smart systems and turn it clean?” asked Anne Pramaggiore, president and CEO of ComEd. You build up solar and wind, she said, a point echoed by other utility leaders and energy experts at the recent conference Empowering Companies & Cities. The Energy Times, an online magazine and newsletter covering electric power and utilities, organized the conference.

The clean energy transformation should start now, said Jeremy Rifkin, an economic and energy advisor to the European Union. “The next big bubble, I’m gonna tell you, [will be] the stranded assets in the fossil fuel industry and it is going to make the subprime [financial crisis] look like a tiny little startup game,” Rifkin said.

Energy and power company leaders gathered in Chicago called for a shift to alternative energy sources.

Rep. Jan Schakowsky wins re-election on “pins and needles” for final presidential results

By Hannah Moulthrop

Democratic Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky’s 9th district victory went almost unnoticed at her packed party at Tommy Nevin’s Pub in Evanston. Cheers erupted for Clinton’s win of each new state as the presidential race heated up, but supporters took for granted Schakowsky’s long expected re-election in her district that straddles Chicago’s North Side and a litany of North and Northwest suburbs.

Schakowsky was watching the senate and house races as closely as anyone else. Continue reading

Illinois blood centers to implement testing for Zika

By Teresa Manring

LifeSource blood centers will implement testing of donated blood supplies for the Zika virus by Nov. 18 to meet a Food and Drug Administration recommendation that all U.S. blood centers test for the disease.

LifeSource operates community blood donation centers in the state and distributes blood to approximately 60 area hospitals. Blood testing will be implemented on or before Nov. 18, said Eva Quinley, regional executive director of LifeSource. Continue reading

Foodie 5K runs up $1 million in groceries for hungry neighbors

By Sara Shouhayib

Over 1,200 runners and walkers took their place at the starting line of the second annual Foodie 5K race on Saturday morning and raised $130,000 to fight hunger.

That’s enough money to provide the equivalent of $1 million worth of groceries to feed hungry people in Northern Illinois.

“We know that one in seven of our neighbors are at risk of missing meals in the coming year,” said Julie Yurko, president and CEO of the Northern Illinois Food Bank, serving 13 counties. Continue reading

School counselor forces 10th Ward runoff

By Lizz Giordano and Sarah Kramer

Political newcomer Sue Sadlowski Garza forced incumbent Ald. John Pope into a runoff to defend his 10th Ward Chicago City Council seat after a campaign that split the field between grassroots movements.

With 35 of 36 precincts reporting, Pope had garnered just 45 percent of the vote, shy of the 50 percent plus one vote threshold required for the incumbent to avoid a runoff challenge. Continue reading

Chicagoans waste 55 million pounds of food each month

By Sarah Kramer

Picture your fridge – the leftovers from last night’s dinner, the half-finished meal from the corner deli, the bag of avocados trucked in from California, the loaf of multigrain bread slowly getting stale.

How much of the food in your fridge and the rest of your kitchen at this moment will you eat before you throw it out? If you’re anything like most Americans, you throw out at least a quarter of everything that comes through your kitchen. Continue reading

10th ward candidates debate jobs, safety for the Southeast Side

By Lizz Giordano and Sarah Kramer

Candidates for Chicago’s 10th Ward aldermanic seat called for more jobs and more police presence for the economically depressed Southeast Side at an open forum in Hegewisch.

Five of the seven candidates running in the upcoming citywide elections on February 24 appeared Thursday night before an audience of activists, residents and supporters. The contenders voiced frustration with City Hall and the current Ald. John Pope while calling for greater transparency in municipal politics. Continue reading