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Organizers prepare, but won’t predict turnout for Women’s March Chicago

By Cade Shultice

After last year’s unprecedented turnout, organizers for Women’s March Chicago will not put an estimate on the number of attendees expected at this year’s march on Saturday. The 2017 march, held a day after President Donald Trump’s inauguration, exceeded expectations when an estimated 250,000 people showed up, compared to the expected 50,000.

Organizers say that based on last year’s experience, there is no good way to predict attendance with accuracy. Despite uncertainty regarding crowd size, Women’s March Chicago is still optimistic for  healthy attendance based on support through social media.

Photo at top: Fawzia Mirza, women’s rights activist and supporter of Women’s March Chicago, speaks at the organization’s press conference that was held Tuesday at City Hall. (Cade Shultice/MEDILL)

Oak Park Democrats host Women’s March prep party

By Hannah Wiley
Medill Reports

The Democratic Party of Oak Park hosted a sign-making party on Wednesday in preparation for Women’s March Chicago.

Photo at top: Diana Lauber, Myrna Lovejoy, Doreen Sterba-Dezur and Peggy McGrath wear hats knitted by Sterba-Dezur (Hannah Wiley/MEDILL)

Election Update: What happens after Election Day?

Reporter Carolyn Cakir talks with political reporter and Medill professor Peter Slevin about what the candidates do while they wait for the polls to close, and what is likely to happen tomorrow.

We will continue to file regular video updates throughout the evening.

Published at 7:50 p.m.

Election Update: The economy is a top issue for voters in Chicago’s western suburbs

In the second of our video updates on this Election Day, our reporters cover the working class voters in the western suburbs of Chicago, where the economy is on the top of their minds.

More updates will be posted throughout the day.

Published at 5:30 p.m. CT

How Chicago became the top “fair trade” city in the United States

By Megan Kramer

Rich Troche, manager of Everybody’s Coffee in Uptown, knows everything about the shop’s medium-roast “Coffee of the Month” – who roasted it, where it was grown, how it was processed and even what different processes do to the beans.

In March the featured coffee came from the San Ignacio farm in Peru and was roasted by the Metropolis Coffee Company in Chicago. The coffee has a tangy lemon undertone and is served in purple ceramic mugs.

Alternative rock plays unobtrusively throughout the large, open space at the cafe. Baristas serve specialty drinks to customers who are chatting or working on laptops amid stacks of books. To care for both its patrons and the farmers who grow the beans, Everybody’s Coffee serves fair trade and direct trade coffee from around the world.

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Of Coca-Cola, apples and freedom

As U.S.-Cuba relations undergo historic change, Cubans in Chicago tell their stories

By Patrícia Gomes

On a recent Friday night of single-digit temperatures in Chicago, the 90 Miles Cuban Café in Logan Square is in full swing. The waiters’ movement between the two dining rooms and kitchen seems like an uninterrupted dance: full trays in, empty trays out. The walls are filled with photos of Cuba and front pages of Cuban newspapers – both from a time before relations with the U.S. ground to a halt after revolution swept Communists into power on the island nation in 1959.

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