On Tall Ships, This Woman Finds Freedom

By Kate Cimini Medill Reports Although tall ships were exclusively the province of men when they were used to ship lumber after the 1871 Chicago fire, the replica ships that sail Lake Michigan these days more often than not feature a few women on their crews.

New PACs Aim to Empower Women Candidates, Voters

by Kate Cimini Medill Reports For Sameena Mustafa, it was about the principle of the thing. A first-time candidate running for Congress in Chicago’s 5th district, where she lives, Mustafa decided to eschew any and all corporate donations, even refusing a friend’s donation from her dental practice. The former real estate advocate and comedian believed […]

Back of the Yards Public Library: When a library can’t serve its community

By Kate Cimini Medill Reports While the re-introduction of a public library to the Back of the Yards neighborhood on the South Side of Chicago has been a boon to the community, its location has placed severe limitations on its ability to serve community members, and even, some allege, have detracted from other public services. […]