Students apply science to make an environmental difference in Cambodia

SFS Cambodia

By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports SIEM REAP, Cambodia – From looking at religious merit release practices in and around Siem Reap, to exploring “pet culture” and animal welfare in households, to investigating the effects of noise pollution on a vulnerable bat population, students at The School for Field Studies in Cambodia are doing more than […]

Cambodia meshes traditional and modern worlds in Khmer New Year celebration

Khmer New Year

By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports SIEM REAP, Cambodia – Click. I duck. Click click. I take two steps back, one to the left. Click click. I lift my camera. Focus. Click the shutter once, twice more, and spin around, clutching my camera to my chest and catching a stream of cold water on my back. […]

Conservation, Culture, Community: The School for Field Studies in Cambodia

By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports SIEM REAP, Cambodia – If you turn left off the main road going west out of Siem Reap, Cambodia, you’ll find yourself on a sandy path not quite wide enough for two tuk-tuks. You’ll bounce along the uneven road as the rush of city traffic abruptly gives way to the […]

Dinosaurs, Bones and Art, Oh My!


By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports When Paul Sereno and his team at the Fossil Lab at the University of Chicago find dinosaurs, they typically just look like bits of crushed bone and rock. How do these paleontologists, fossil preparators and paleo artists transform these fragmented fossils into life-size, flesh-and-bone dinosaurs? It takes hundreds of hours, […]

Putting the “giving” back in Thanksgiving

In Her Shoes Foundation

By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports The In Her Shoes Foundation put the “giving” back in Thanksgiving this year. The organization, accompanied by more than 70 volunteers, spent Thanksgiving Day at Grasmere Residential Home, a specialized mental health rehabilitation facility. There, the volunteers helped serve Thanksgiving lunch to the residents, played board games and made gratitude […]

Scientists investigate how the “ocean pump” is slowing global warming


By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports Scientists are taking a serious look at ocean biological systems that temper carbon levels in the atmosphere and trap them in the ocean depths, a way to slow global warming and put off the 2° C temperature rise that would trigger disastrous levels of sea level rise, extreme temperatures, rainfall […]

What can we do to slow climate change?

Climate Change

By Karyn Simpson Medill Reports Columbia University geochemist Wallace Broecker, one of the founding fathers of climate science, laid it on the line. The two ways we know of to bring down civilization are nuclear bombs or carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels, the driving force of climate change, he said this fall during an […]