Mental health advocates protest lack of care in poorest neighborhoods

Mental health advocates at city hall

By Meg Anderson Just weeks before the April 7 run-off election, mental health activists rally at the mayor’s office Tuesday to denounce the shortage of clinics in high-need areas. Mayor Rahm Emanuel closed six of Chicago’s 12 mental health clinics in 2012 to consolidate care and balance the budget. Although the City says it is […]

Chicago day cares, parents tighten measles precautions

By Meg Anderson Young moms chatted between cloth diaper displays, with wide-eyed babies dangling and cooing in carriers. But amid the heady odor of lotion samples and soiled diapers, the threat of measles loomed in many minds at MommyCon, a natural parenting convention. “Honestly, it pisses me off that we have to worry about it,” […]

ObamaCare sign-up runs smoothly after changes

UIC Enrollment

By Margaret Anderson After’s rocky start in 2013, healthcare workers and officials made Sunday’s enrollment deadline run more smoothly by extending the hours for free enrollment assistance at 26 locations across Chicago. There were 82 locations with extended hours across the state, up from no more than 10 locations last year, according to Brian […]