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City officials keep quiet about status of park permits for NFL draft

By Taylor Hall

Chicago Park District officials are staying mum on the NFL’s permit status after announcing the league had not yet obtained necessary permits to create a public site for the upcoming three-day draft in Grant Park.

After announcing April 8 that the NFL had not secured the appropriate permits for its outdoor fan festival , Park District and City officials have not provided any updates. The NFL’s Draft Town is scheduled to take place April 30 through May 2.

“That’s information I cannot release to you. You can go on the website and email from the FOIA,” said Denise Reed-Burton,  Park District coordinator for special event & media permits, regarding the site. “I can’t give you any information at all. The only person that can speak to that permit is the person whose name is on the permit”

Medill Reports has submitted a Freedom of Information request for the information.
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Obama still ‘optimistic’ as judge delays expansion of immigrant orders

By Christine Smith

 President Barack Obama expressed  optimism–shared by some immigration experts–that a Texas judge’s ruling to delay the expansion of the president’s executive order that would grant children of undocumented immigrants a temporary reprieve from deportation will be eventually be overturned.

Although Texas U.S. District Judge Andrew Hanen issued a preliminary injunction Feb. 16 to prevent the expansion of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or DACA, a component of President Obama’s immigration action that was set to start accepting applications on Feb. 18, Obama said Wednesday he remains confident about his immigration policy. Continue reading

Health officials, activists rally for more funding for AIDS/HIV outreach

By Danielle Anguiano

Carl Jenkins, a retired teacher, has been living with AIDS for the past 19 years. He credits sustained care, caring doctors and social workers with his survival.

“I came along when the retroviral medications came and I was able to get on that medication and I have been taking that medication faithfully since being diagnosed,” Jenkins said, during last week’s Black/African-American AIDS/HIV Awareness day. “Now my viral load is suppressed. Continue reading