Des Moines Register Poll: Trump and Clinton lead the pack two days before Iowa caucuses

Ted Cruz won the Republican race in Iowa Monday, Feb. 1, 2016, delivering a striking blow to chief rival Donald Trump. (Max Greenwood/MEDILL)

By Max Greenwood

Des Moines, Iowa – Donald Trump is leading the Republican pack and Hillary Clinton is leading the Democrats just 48 hours before the Iowa caucuses, according to a Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Politics poll released Saturday.

The poll is the last to be released by the newspaper before the Iowa caucuses begin Monday. According to the poll, Trump is leading at 28 percent, followed by Sen. Ted Cruz at 23 percent, Sen. Marco Rubio at 15 percent and Dr. Ben Carson at 10 percent. On the Democratic front, the poll shows Clinton at 45 percent, and Sen. Bernie Sanders at 42 percent.

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A poll by the Des Moines Register released on Jan. 9 showed a similar outlook, with Trump slightly ahead of Sen. Ted Cruz and Clinton polling marginally higher than Sanders.

The Republican contest in Iowa has largely been dominated by Trump since last July, but Cruz, in recent months, has staged a comeback in the polls, running in a close second place behind Trump.

Likewise, on the Democratic front in Iowa, Clinton has long led in the polls, but Sanders, a progressive Vermont senator considered by many to be a long-shot candidate, has staged a comeback in the polls since November.