Cruz supporters not afraid of Trump (VIDEO)

Cruz jersey

By Caroline Kenny AMES, Iowa–At a Cruzin’ to Caucus rally here today, supporters of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz openly rejected the platform of Republican frontrunner Donald Trump and what Cruz mockingly calls his rival’s  “New York values.” Cruz and Trump have been running neck and neck for weeks. A Des Moines Register/Bloomberg poll released Saturday […]

Ted Cruz talks to Medill Reports, defends conservative record

By Kristen Vake AMES, Iowa — The “Cruzin’ to Caucus” event brought hundreds of voters to Iowa State University this morning in support of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, who is fighting the clock to catch Republican presidential frontrunner Donald Trump. Conservative talk show host Glenn Beck welcomed Cruz onstage. He told the crowd that he […]

Cruzin’ to Caucus with religion (VIDEO)

By Emiliana Molina AMES, Iowa — For most Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz supporters, religion seems to play a big role in making their decision on Monday. More than 200 people attended the ‘Cruizin’ to Caucus’ event in the Gateway Hotel in Ames, Iowa Saturday morning. His wife Heidi Cruz, who also attended the […]

Conservative stars rally around Cruz

Cruz campaign swag

By Caroline Kenny AMES, Iowa–With barely 48 hours to rally support before the Iowa caucuses, Ted Cruz surrounded himself Saturday with conservative luminaries who praised his Christian faith and lauded his devotion to the original intent of the Constitution. Former Fox News host Glenn Beck likened the first-term Texas senator to George Washington. He said […]

Sanders calls again for legalization of pot

By Misha Euceph DAVENPORT, Iowa — Bernie Sanders renewed his call for the legalization of marijuana, framing it at a campaign rally here as a racially charged criminal justice issue. “We’ve got to rethink the so-called war on drugs,”  Sanders told supporters at the Danceland Ballroom on Friday. “Right now, in the Federal Controlled Substance […]

Amid aspirations and inspirations, young Iowa Democrats gear up for the caucuses

By Enrica Nicoli Aldini IOWA CITY, Iowa – When Hillary Clinton visited Grinnell College in  November, sophomore Anna Schierenbeck told her that when she was just eight years old, her dad suffered a stroke. It left him disabled. The family has been caring for him since. Not even a month later, Clinton announced a plan […]

A one-on-one interview with presidential hopeful Rick Santorum

By Kristen Vake DES MOINES, Iowa — Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum spoke with Medill Reports journalist Kristen Vake. [vimeo 153579008 w=474] Medill Reports caught up with the former Pennsylvania senator in outside a rally for Donald Trump shortly after the GOP undercard debate on Thursday night. Only four years ago, Santorum emerged triumphant from […]

Stacia Drafahl: Day in the Life of an Iowan

By Misha Euceph “He [Rick Santorum] started kind of railing on the affordable care act. He was really mis characterizing it. He was talking about how younger, healthier people are paying less, and that’s just not right. I was kind of starting to fume… I was resolved to ask him a question and call him […]

Residents seeking O’Hare noise relief say mayor offered none

By Siri Bulusu Mayor Rahm Emanuel disappointed a residents’ coalition Wednesday by failing, the group said, to offer solutions to increased air traffic noise over neighborhoods near O’Hare International Airport. After two years of requesting his attention, the Fair Allocaton of Runways Coalition finally snared the mayor at City Hall to review new data suggesting […]