Stacia Drafahl: Day in the Life of an Iowan

Stacia Drafahl
Drafahl, a Sanders supporter, got into an argument with Rick Santorum over health care at the Hamburg Inn, where she waitresses.

By Misha Euceph

“He [Rick Santorum] started kind of railing on the affordable care act. He was really mis characterizing it. He was talking about how younger, healthier people are paying less, and that’s just not right.

I was kind of starting to fume… I was resolved to ask him a question and call him out. He called on me and I said, ‘I hear you railing against government subsidies for healthcare, yet I hear nothing about subsidies for large banks, corporations. To me it seems a lot more important that people are cared for than products and money are subsidized. Why is that?’

Three different tables pulled me aside and said, ‘That was really cool… I agree.'”

Stacia Drafahl, a waitress at the Hamburg Inn, where presidential hopefuls often hang out, talked about her encounter with Rick Santorum the week before the caucuses.

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