Mary Ann Miller: Day in the Life of an Iowan

Iowa Caucus
Mary Ann Miller talks about climate change and supporting Hillary Clinton at the Hamburg Inn.

By Misha Euceph

“I have four grand children, one on the way. Climate change is important. My legacy to my grandchildren that I worked for. I belong to this group called 100 grannies in Iowa City that is working for climate change.

I want my grandchildren to have that. I have a granddaughter who’s 19. She’s gonna be a nurse at University of Colorado. My grandson is 18. They’re both gonna vote. Somebody asked my granddaughter, ‘Are you gonna vote?’

She pointed to me and said, ‘See that person over there, she’d never speak to me if I didn’t.’ I want life to be good for them, but I’ve seen things go backward. You can see I’m passionate about it.”

I met Mary Ann Miller, a 74 year old Iowa City resident, at the Hamburg Inn. She started tearing up talking about why she supports Hillary Clinton.

Campaign 2016
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