Republican women voters believe Trump’s action plan for America outweighs his sexist comments

Wisconsin Women for Trump

By Wen-Yee Lee Barbara Trautman, campaign committee chair for the National Federation of Republican Women,  supports Donald Trump regardless of his sexual comments. “He is our nominee. That’s the bottom line for me,” Trautman said firmly. “A true Republican is not gonna vote for Hillary.” Trump’s 2005 Access Hollywood video, in which he boasted about […]

Musicians from 17 countries honored black migration with OneBeat music tour

OneBeat Musicians

By Wen-Yee Lee To honor the 100-year anniversary of the Great Migration of African Americans to northern states, OneBeat followed the migration route, touring from New Orleans through Chattanooga to Chicago to present the world music they created. Every year, thousands of musicians apply for the 25 spots on OneBeat that represented 17 countries this […]

Artist couple exhibits pillows to highlight immigration injustice

Pillow Artist Couple

By Wen-Yee Lee T-shirts and other clothing donated by undocumented immigrants become memoirs of collective experiences as artist Cara Megan Lewis and her husband Alejandro Figueredo Diaz-Perera turn them into pillows. Their “34,000 Pillows” exhibition at the Chicago Cultural Center represents the 34,000 beds in U.S. detention centers for undocumented immigrants. The couple makes the […]

Hiroshima exhibit documents the innocent victims of the atom bomb

Items from the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibition at Japanese Culture Center in Chicago

By Wen-Yee Lee Three colorful origami cranes made by school girl Sadako Sasaki, a survivor of the U.S. strike on Hiroshima, sit on display for the Hiroshima-Nagasaki Atomic Bomb Exhibition in Chicago. She folded nearly 1,000 cranes as a traditional prayer for healing before she died of leukemia 10 years after the bomb strike. She […]