Fight for Future Generations

Peter Liang Protest in Chicago: Fighting for Future Generations

By Xuanyan Ouyang

Parents who took their kids to the protest march for Peter Liang in Chicago said it was not just for Liang, but also for the equal rights of the future generations of Asian-Americans.

Over a thousand people marched in downtown Chicago as a part of the “biggest-ever Asian-American” protest in the U.S. history. They were calling for justice for former New York City officer Peter Liang. Liang accidentally shot Akai Gurley during a patrol in 2014.

Liang was convicted of manslaughter recently, making him the first police officer in New York found guilty for a police-involved shooting in a decade. Rage among the Chinese-American community triggered protests in more than 30 cities across the U.S.

Photo at top: Lei Zhao, Jiajia and their daughter among the protest crowd. (Xuanyan Ouyang/Medill)