Sue Dvorsky: Day in the Life of an Iowan

Sue Dvorsky
Dvorsky, an organizer for Clinton and wife of State Senator Bob Dvorsky, talks about the difference between her and Sanders’ campaign.

By Misha Euceph

“The media’s saying Sanders has 100 field organizers on the ground and Hillary’s got 100 field organizers on the ground. Here’s the difference. My stepdad, 81, from the South Side of Chicago… Irish… The [Hillary] field organizer in his district went and knocked on his door and said I know you’re Sue’s dad. He got his first call from the Sanders people last week. That’s how you do Iowa. You adjust your worldview to what real people are doing with their lives. We’re trying to make sure our politics are good, that we’ve kept in touch.”

Sue Dvorsky is the former chairwoman of the Iowa Democratic Party and wife of Iowa state senator Bob Dvorsky. She’s a precinct captain and organizer for Hillary Clinton’s campaign in Coralville, Ia.

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