J.B. Smoove: Actor, comedian, basketball fanatic


By Keith Giagnorio Medill Reports You can learn a lot about J.B. Smoove from watching him portray Leon Black on “Curb Your Enthusiasm,” the hit HBO comedy series he stars in alongside Larry David. Both Smoove and the fictional Leon share the same high energy, quick-witted, and simply hilarious personality. Both are incredibly engaging and […]

Kobe Bryant’s legacy and presence felt throughout a meaningful NBA All-Star weekend

By Keith Giagnorio Medill Reports Every event of the 2020 NBA All-Star weekend was blanketed with melancholy air. Seemingly every show, contest and person associated with basketball’s most star-studded weekend paid homage to the late Kobe Bryant, as well as his daughter Gianna. “It’s still very fresh in people’s minds and in people’s hearts, so […]

All-Star Weekend brings together star professionals from finance, law to support diversity

By Roderick Diamond II Medill Reports In addition to the big name athletes and  celebrities, All-Star Weekend brought Chicago high-profile African American professionals from the business end of sports, finance and other fields to a Friday brunch and panel. The event, “A Conversation on the Convergence of Black Athletes, Advisors and Sports Professionals,” brought together […]

TBT poised for continued growth with player-caliber higher than ever

By Neel Madhavan Medill Reports The roots of the The Basketball Tournament can be traced back to a group text message thread from a Sunday afternoon in 2010 between some like-minded friends. On their day off from work, TBT CEO and co-founder Jon Mugar and his friends went back-and-forth about the feasibility of having an […]

Even with new players, Clippers’ offensive system gives team edge

By Neel Madhavan Medill Reports Prior to the start of the season, most preseason predictions had the Los Angeles Clippers in the bottom-half of the NBA, outside the playoff picture. Now at the All-Star break with 23 games left in the season, the Clippers are sitting in the eighth and final playoff spot in the […]

West Side showcase provides college opportunities for local basketball players

By Allie Burger and Jacob Rogers Chicago basketball guru Daniel Poneman has teamed up with NBA player Evan Turner to provide local high school and junior college basketball players a free opportunity to change their lives. The Evan Turner Prospect Showcase is a day-long event that gives 250 athletes the chance to play in front […]

Gender wage gap: The pay disparity in athletics

By Nicole Sedivy A Medill Newsmakers Report This episode of Medill Newsmakers explores the gender wage gap in athletics present at the collegiate and professional level. [vimeo 169943305 w=474]

Follow the Tweeter: NBA and players score with Twitter

Q/A with Twitter’s Andrew Barge By Peter Dawson Even in the world of Twitter, LeBron James is still the King. James’ 28.2 million followers (@KingJames) are the most of any athlete in the country, the second most of any athlete in the world (soccer star Christiano Ronaldo is first at 40.6 million), and the 24th […]

Former Michigan State guard gets defensive in Denver


By Michelle R. Martinelli As Denver Nuggets shooting guard Gary Harris establishes himself in the team’s starting lineup, the defensive lessons taught by his college coach, Tom Izzo, still impact his approach to each game. Harris hasn’t forgotten what he learned in his two seasons at Michigan State, especially since he and Izzo are still […]