Equality in religion: A shift towards a more inclusive Islam

By Aqilah Allaudeen Medill Newsmakers Progressive Islamic activists are fighting to do Islam differently. Men and women sharing the same space in a mosque? Gay and gender non-binary Muslims welcomed? In this Medill Newsmakers episode, we speak to experts fighting for equality and inclusivity in Islam, and learn more about the progressive movement. Photo at […]

Bowling: It’s more than a game

By Kristen Keller Medill Reports The number of bowling leagues across the country has decreased, but not at Diversey River Bowl in Logan Square.  The center is packed with leagues every night of the week except Fridays and Saturdays, when people come in to participate in Rock N’ Bowl.  Chicago also happens to be home […]

Birdies & Bird Watchers: The Dispute Over Jackson Park’s Golf Course

By Casey Bannon Medill Reports   In 1899, Jackson Park became the first golf course built west of the Allegheny Mountains. Two decades later, some of the first black men’s golf leagues were formed on the property. Now, over a century after the first golf shots were struck on Jackson Park’s fairways, its golf course […]

Everybody’s Game: Ensuring Access to Opportunity in Soccer

By Alex Campbell Medill Reports Soccer has become increasingly popular across America in recent years. However, youth participation rates have declined, partially due to the high costs of many youth programs and lack of access to opportunities to play the game. I spoke with officials from various levels of soccer here in Chicago, from the […]