Upcycling meets charity at Mount Sinai Resale Shop

thrift, clothes

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports After the hip hop song “Thrift Shop” hit the mainstream, the idea of thrifting and upcycling became edgy and avant garde, marking a shift in the paradigm surrounding eco-fashion and the demographic at local thrift stores. Mount Sinai Resale Shop, 2902 N. Clark St., has a large stock of vintage […]

Parting with Alaska

Alaska feature photo

By Mackenzie Evenson Medill Reports During my junior year at the University of Alaska Anchorage, I was walking into an Applebees when my dad called and said, “They found a tumor in my brain.” He said it so nonchalantly that the appropriate response evaded me. In a few days, he would undergo emergency brain surgery […]

Some young Midwesterners don’t align fully with Democrats or Republicans

By Anne Snabes Medill Reports MILWAUKEE — Stephanie Olsen does not align with a political party and sees too much “tribalism” in politics. “I think identity politics is toxic,” said Olsen, a 30-year-old Milwaukee resident. “We’re just fighting against each other constantly. Really, if you actually talk to a human being, you probably agree on […]

My Block, My Hood, My City delivers care packages to seniors for COVID-19 prevention

My Block, My Hood, My City Delivers Care Package to Seniors

By Yilin Xie Medill Reports What can you do to help your neighborhood prevent the spread of the coronavirus? Jahmal Cole, the CEO and founder of My Block, My Hood, My City, said, “Let’s take direct action.” My Block, My Hood, My City, a Chicago based community organization, contacted Senior Viral Response to deliver free […]

Windy City Harvest takes elitism out of urban farming and fresh produce

Melanie, chef, farmer

By Briana Garrett Medill Reports The modern farmer is changing fast, with the terrain for food production and urban farming at the center of this transition. Urban farming can mean produce gardens in backyards, rooftops and assigned city land plots as well as farming systems such as aquaponics, an agricultural approach where fish wastes nourish […]