Robots and the human connection

By Patrick Martin “Robotics is definitely a big part of my life,” Kyle Granat said. He is a hardware engineer at Trossen Robotics in Downers Grove, just outside Chicago. The company sells kits for robotics enthusiasts. Granat was fascinated by a computer around the age of three. The person who first nurtured Granat’s love of […]

Korean War Veterans Join Honor Flight

By Patrick Martin, Brendan Hickey, Yunfei Zhao On April 13, Honor Flight Chicago took 101 veterans to Washington D.C. to visit the memorials commemorating their service. The program was developed to fly World War II Veterans from around the country to their memorial. This is the first flight from Chicago to include veterans of the […]

Exploring school security in Lahore, Pakistan

By Patrick Martin Reporting from Lahore, Pakistan “We have our own weapons too,” Rana Mohammad said as he unwrapped the cloth surrounding a long-barreled revolver which he keeps locked in his desk. This high school principal has the number for the local police, the Punjab Highway Patrol and the local army barracks displayed on his […]

Bill Clinton Campaigns in Chicago

By Patrick Martin Bill Clinton campaigned on behalf of his wife, Hilary Clinton, in Chicago on Tuesday. The 42nd president stopped at polling places on the West Side and in Hyde Park. He also visited two food processing plants on the city’s South Side. Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is running against Senator Bernie […]

Election Nears for Davis and Day

By Patrick Martin Congressman Danny Davis and his challenger Thomas Day are nearing the end of their campaigns to represent the Illinois Seventh District in the U.S. House of Representatives. With no Republicans in the primary race, this election will likely determine who will be represent this section of the state in Washington. Day and […]

Former Soldier Tries to Unseat Veteran Congressman

By Patrick Martin Thomas Day is challenging Congressman Danny Davis in the Democratic primary race for the Illinois 7th District. This area includes the Loop, the West Side, part of the South Side and the near west suburbs. Since there are no Republicans on the primary ballot for this race, the winner of the Democratic […]

Iraq Veteran Challenges Established Congressman

By Patrick Martin “The district has a 15 percent unemployment rate, three times the national average, and I just didn’t think it was appropriate for the people of this district to have to accept the status quo for yet another two years,” said Thomas Day, an Iraq War veteran and candidate for Congress. Day is […]

Above and Beyond: Remembering the Vietnam War

By Patrick Martin and Qingwei Chen When visitors to the Harold Washington Library Center ascend the escalator to the third floor, they will now see 58,307 dog tags hanging above them. Each small piece of metal is stamped with the name of an individual service member killed in the Vietnam War. They are in chronological […]

American Industrial Chic: Caterpillar Lifestyle Apparel Launches in Pakistan

By Kat Lonsdorf and Patrick Martin KARACHI, PAKISTAN – Shanza Jamin, 23, stood in a bright yellow jumpsuit in the middle of Dolmen Mall Clifton, a multi-story trendy shopping mall on the banks of the Arabian Sea in Karachi, Pakistan. Nine other young women, all dressed in the same matching jumpsuit, gathered around her, sitting or […]

Alex and the fight for Naxolone

By Patrick Martin Alex Laliberte died of a drug overdose at age 20. His family has been working to expand access to Naloxone, a life saving drug that can reverse the deadly effects of an overdose. Illinois Congressman Bob Dold is introducing new legislation to provide federal funding for Naloxone programs across the country.