Tracking the Zika virus – the 70-year saga

By Valerie Lapointe The CDC is investigating a connection between the Zika virus and Guillain-Barre, a condition in which the immune system attacks the nerves eventually resulting in complete paralysis, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This latest development comes on the heels of WHO global health alert on the virus  and an […]

More Illinois farmers markets to accept food stamps

By Adriana Fernandez The food industry is a competitive environment for farmers but Farmers Markets give them a direct connection with consumers and give consumers easy access to fresh, locally-grown produce. Illinois farmers gathered for a conference at the Chicago Cultural Center to share different ways to engage consumers. The conference, hosted by the Illinois […]

Buna: The Art of Making Ethiopian Coffee

Ethiopian Coffee ceremony cups

By Hannah Gebresilassie and Vishakha Darbha Most college students use coffee to survive long nights and tedious assignments, but in Ethiopia and Eritrea, coffee means much more than that. Ethiopia, globally known as the birthplace of coffee, is famous for “buna,” a coffee-making ceremony that involves roasting, grinding and brewing beans while partaking in a […]

Rena Sternberg: Collecting from the heart

By Qingwei Chen and Shanshan Wang Rena Sternberg’s living room is “decorated” with artworks such as Frog Substitute,Yellow, Henning Bohl’s sculptural mural featuring a yellow bike helmet. “It was purchased in 2010 from the Casey M. Kaplan Gallery in New York,” said Sternberg, who remembers the source of every work from 40 years of collecting. […]

Consumer confidence retreats to a seven-month low

By Harvard Zhang Consumer confidence dropped in February to a seven-month low as Americans — despite a growing economy — grew more concerned about business conditions, the labor market and their pocketbooks. The Conference Board’s index declined in February to 92.2 from a revised 97.8 a month earlier, the New York City-based independent research group […]

Englewood comeback proves ingenuity is homegrown


By Rebekah Frumkin With Englewood set to welcome a Whole Foods on 63rd and Halsted and an adjacent Starbucks this year, the South Side neighborhood is battling stereotypes that it’s an unlikely choice for expansion. “It was almost a national joke, Whole Foods coming into Englewood,” says Jim Harbin, program director at the Greater Englewood […]

Home Depot sales climbed as U.S. housing recovers

By Xiumei Dong Home improvement retail giant Home Depot Inc., helped by the improving U.S. housing market and favorable weather conditions, reported stronger-than-expected fiscal fourth-quarter results Tuesday. For the quarter ended Jan. 30, Home Depot reported a net income of $1.47 billion, or $1.17 per diluted share, a 6.7 percent increase compared with net earnings […]

Alex and the fight for Naxolone

By Patrick Martin Alex Laliberte died of a drug overdose at age 20. His family has been working to expand access to Naloxone, a life saving drug that can reverse the deadly effects of an overdose. Illinois Congressman Bob Dold is introducing new legislation to provide federal funding for Naloxone programs across the country.

Gallery founder aims to raise awareness of sexual abuse through art

Jean Cozier

By Carlos D. Williamson Jean Cozier didn’t know she’d be the owner of an art gallery at 61 – let alone one that showcased the works of survivors of sexual abuse and rape. Cozier still isn’t sure this is what she was meant to do. She just knows she can’t stop.