Q’s on the Quad: South Carolina State University

By Samone Blair and Emine Yücel Medill Reports The majority of the South Carolina State, a historically black university, students surveyed by Medill School’s Q’s on the Quad said they have been to at least one Democratic presidential candidate’s local town hall.

The Riviera’s Dangerous and Deceptive 10th Hole

By Annie Krall Medill Reports LOS ANGELES — Next to the infamous 10th hole tee box of the Riviera Country Club during the Genesis Invitational stands a man who is no stranger to the spot. Dana Crocker has been a marshal on this exact hole for the past eight years and has seen so much […]

The hidden moments of the 2020 Genesis Invitational

By Annie Krall Medill Reports Some of golf’s finest players handle the pressure in different ways when the camera isn’t pointed their way. It is these tiny, quiet, and almost personal moments that help give the sport its elegance. Medill Reports had boots on the ground to capture some scenes you may not have caught […]

Why L.A. is still covered in purple and gold

By Annie Krall Medill Reports I don’t watch basketball. I don’t follow basketball. I don’t know the rules of basketball. All I know is outside the arc means you get one more point than usual, and Kobe Bryant was a legend. I quickly realized I wasn’t the only one who saw Bryant as more than […]

Chicago judge approved the release of immigrant father from detention, a ‘great’ but minor victory according to organizers

By Anabel Mendoza Medill Reports A Chicago Immigration Court judge ruled in favor of releasing Francisco Silva, a 49-year-old man who was held in immigration detention for over five months, this past January. Despite Mayor Lori Lightfoot’s recent characterization of Chicago as “the most welcoming city in America” for immigrants, Silva’s favorable decision came only […]