One person’s trash may hold another person’s treasure

Eleanor Ray stands in her shop, The WasteShed.

By Jake Holland Medill Reports Eleanor Ray weaves through rows of picture frames, thread, yarn and oil paints as she walks through her shop, pointing to miles of fabric, a mountain of art supplies and decorations for all seasons. Her store, the WasteShed, 2842 W. Chicago Ave., sells the fixings of any arts-and-crafts store, along […]

Meet the Mexican-American artist challenging transphobia one performance at a time

The image provides an insight into his performance

By Shreya Bansal Medill Reports Three years ago, 30-year-old Vicente Ugartechea moved from Texas to Chicago, where he felt like he could express himself as a transsexual artist for the first time. Today, his paintings and performances are displayed in museums and centers in Chicago, New York, Vancouver, Finland, Berlin and Amsterdam. Some of his […]

Chicago street artist pays tribute to Kobe and Gianna Bryant through new mural

By Nate Schwartz Medill Reports The untimely deaths of Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna sent a shockwave around the world that transcended the sports community and continues to reverberate today. Over the past month, street artists and muralists in Los Angeles and beyond have taken their talents to the streets to pay homage to […]