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Zika Virus: The facts, the fears and the future

By Neil Murthy

A Medill Newsmakers Report

The current Zika Virus epidemic first began in Brazil last year, and has since spread to more than 25 countries throughout Latin America and the Caribbean. With the World Health Organization declaring the virus to be a “public health emergency of international concern,” the CDC, along with state and local public health departments are bracing for potential cases of local transmission in the U.S. Illinois has already had 16 travel-associated cases of Zika, and now that the summer mosquito season is about to begin, what can we do to protect ourselves from Zika? Learn more about what we know about Zika—how the disease is spread, what the symptoms are, and how scientists have determined the link between the virus and a birth defect called microcephaly. This episode of Medill Newsmakers will also look toward the future—how public health officials and scientists are preventing further spread of the virus, and how the virus may impact the upcoming 2016 Summer Olympics in Brazil.

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Covering local news in a time of unparalleled access

By Tolly Taylor

A Medill Newsmakers Report

Like the events they cover, local news websites are constantly changing. Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat–regardless of how consumers access the information, sites such as DNAinfo and Chicago Magazine strive to cover stories that matter. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers, we talk to local journalists about how they have adapted to evolving local news coverage.

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Chicago’s population problem: Flight from the Windy City

By Adam Rossow

A Medill Newsmakers report

Chicago, we have a problem. A population problem.

Once a city boasting more than 3.6 million residents during its manufacturing and agricultural heyday in the 1950s, Chicago’s population dwindled to around 2.7 million in 2015, according to U.S. Census data released earlier this year.

The factors behind the flight out of Chicago are numerous. This edition of Medill Newsmakers explores many of them, while also discussing possible remedies to reverse Chicago’s population decline.

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What you need to know before you go, a look at traveling today

By Iacopo Luzi

A Medill Newsmakers Report

People are traveling like never before. In 2015 alone almost 1.2 billion people traveled around the world, an increasing of 44% compared to the year before. In this edition of Medill Newsmakers we try to understand what traveling means and why it’s so important to so many people.  We also have tips and suggestions on how to travel safely around the world today.

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Innovation and Inspiration: Living With Type 1 Diabetes in 2016

By Chris Hayre

A Medill Newsmakers Report

This edition of Medill Newsmakers looks at Type 1 diabetes in 2016 through the eyes of experts and the inspiring stories of others.

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Cricket in Chicago: Immigrants Push to Get the Sport Recognized

By Aishwarya Kumar

A Medill Newsmakers Report

Cricket has seen tremendous growth in Chicago in the last decade. In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, we will talk about the growth of cricket in Chicago. We talked to the general manager of American Cricket Conference, one of the biggest conferences in America. We also talked to players, presidents of leagues on the the culture, awareness and growth of cricket in the city.

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Illinois dentists borrow to keep treating state employees amid budget crisis

By Harvard Zhang

When Dr. Joshua Renken opened his Springfield clinic in 2003 after getting his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree, he didn’t foresee waiting for months to be paid $500,000 owed him by the state of Illinois for seeing its employees, suffering from a cash crunch, and borrowing from a commercial bank against his business assets, all while owing more than $100,000 in student debt.

The 10-month state budget impasse turns out to be a double whammy for thousands of Illinois dentists. They treat state employees at a discount without being paid, including the very politicians failing to pass a budget to pay their dentists. Furthermore, were dentists to renege on the contracts regarding state employees, retirees and dependents, they would risk losing a large swath of other patients in insurance plans offered by the same company.

Swamped with swelling unpaid medical claims and interest penalties despite shrinking funds to provide health care for its employees, the state of Illinois owes 9,000 dentists $150 million, or $16,667 per doctor on average, according to Dave Marsh, government relations director of the Illinois State Dental Society.

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CDC highlights lifetime risks for contracting HIV

By Kierra Gray

One in two black men, one in four Latino men and one in 11 white men who are gay or bisexual have a risk of contracting HIV in their lifetimes. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released these latest statistics recently.

The AIDS Foundation of Chicago helped host an event called PrEP4Love at West Point Baptist Church in Chicago in conjunction with Women’s History Month and National Women and Girls HIV/AIDS Awareness Day.

Kierra Gray brought three women from the AIDS Foundation of Chicago into the studio to discuss HIV and safer sex practices.

Artists and performers collaborated with local organizations in Chicago to promote safer sex practices at an event called PrEP4Love.

Black youth in Chicago and the future of American politics

A Medill Newsmakers Report

By Jasmine Cen

In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, we invited three guests to help us understand the black youth in Chicago.

Three topics were discussed during the show: how community violence impacts the black youth in Chicago, who the young activists are, and what the political scientist thinks about the protests led by the young activists in Chicago.

PHOTO AT TOP: Antonio Dyson talks about his experience as a young activist in Chicago. (By Jasmine Cen/ Medill)

Women in Sports Media: Chicago Compared to the National Landscape

By Lena Blietz

A Medill Newsmakers Report

In this episode of Medill Newsmakers, sports journalists and other members of the media discuss the changing role of women in sports.

Peggy Kusinski and Megan Mawicke, sports reporters in Chicago, discuss their experiences in Chicago.

Jacob Ullman, of Fox Sports, and USA Today’s Christine Brennan spoke via Skype about how the role has changed nationally during their extensive careers.

Members of Northwestern University’s chapter of the Association of Women in Sports Media shared what they hope to see in the future of sports media.

PHOTO AT TOP: Lena Blietz talks to Peggy Kusinski about her 16 year career at NCB 5 in Chicago. (Lena Blietz/Medill)