Riverdance brings 25th anniversary show to Chicago stop on US tour

By Michaela Schirra and Sally Ehrmann Medill Reports Legendary Irish themes with brisk contemporary footwork and dreamscape staging grace theaters across the country this year as Riverdance celebrates its 25th anniversary. The Riverdance show is in Chicago through Feb. 9 to present audiences with the new show highlighting traditional Irish dance, music and elaborate costumes. […]

Life on the road for a Riverdance pro is hectic but ‘happy’

By Sally Ehrmann and Michaela Schirra Medill Reports Riverdance has dazzled fans onstage with sparkling costumes, rhythmic beats and lightning-fast footwork for 25 years. The dancers behind the showcase blend artistry and athleticism that is nothing short of spectacular. Patrick O’Mahony, 33, began Irish dancing at the age of two in his hometown of Rusheen, […]

Eternal Light exhibit features many of Tiffany’s stained glass windows and other masterpieces

By Michaela Schirra Medill Reports The Eternal Light exhibition at the Driehaus Museum showcases works by Louis Comfort Tiffany, son of Tiffany & Co. founder, Charles Lewis Tiffany. From stained glass to sketches, the exhibit highlights the creative process and the artisans involved in creating Tiffany’s reputation. Catherine Shotick, curator of the Eternal Light exhibition, […]

Chicago curling clubs embrace the ice

By Leah Vann Medill Reports During an otherwise miserable Chicago winter, local curling clubs are hosting classes to teach people about the ancient sport. Curling is like life-sized shuffleboard on ice, where players slide large stones and melt the path ahead to drive them toward a target,  accumulating points. Its origins date back as far […]

Chicago youth unemployment hits African Americans hardest, driving population declines

By Alison Saldanha Medill Reports More African Americans are out of school and out of work than among any other racial group in Chicago, according to a new report released recently by the Great Cities Institute of the University of Illinois at Chicago. Professor Teresa Cordova, director of the Great Cities Institute, linked this disparity […]

Middle Eastern and North African residents in Chicago feel excluded by upcoming census

By Whitney Tesi Medill Reports Middle Eastern and North African communities have been lobbying for their own category on the census for decades, even though they have been classified as “white” since the government first started conducting the survey in 1790. Although the idea for a Middle Eastern and North African category for this year’s […]