Clashes between police and demonstrators continue in Chicago

By Emiliana Molina A Medill Newsmakers Report The numbers of people killed by police each year are disproportionally Black and Latino. Eight people were killed by Chicago police officers in 2015 and seven of them were African American. The pain, anger and fear felt every time there is a new name involved with police shootings […]

How Super Tuesday became super

By Emiliana Molina Super Tuesday is the biggest voting day in the 2016 primary presidential election. Voters in 12 states and one U.S. territory will cast their ballots, giving candidates the highest number of possible delegates in a single day. Democrats have 865 delegates and Republicans have 595, totalling 1,460.

Hillary Clinton comes to Bronzeville to rally for minority votes

By Emiliana Molina Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton rallied for minority votes today in Bronzeville, a historically African-American community on the south side of Chicago. Geneva Reed-Veal, the mother of Sandra Bland, who was found dead in a jail cell in Texas days after being pulled over for a routine traffic stop, endorsed Clinton during the rally today. [vimeo […]

Fan vows to wear shorts until the Bears win a Super Bowl (Video)

By Emiliana Molina Wearing shorts in Chicago may seem impossible during the city’s infamous winter weather. But Therese Schmidt can be seen in her shorts, running around the Loop on the blusteriest of days, delivering packages for Atlas Stationers, a store she co-owns with her husband. Schmidt has been wearing shorts every day for more than four years. And […]

Cruzin’ to Caucus with religion (VIDEO)

By Emiliana Molina AMES, Iowa — For most Republican presidential candidate Senator Ted Cruz supporters, religion seems to play a big role in making their decision on Monday. More than 200 people attended the ‘Cruizin’ to Caucus’ event in the Gateway Hotel in Ames, Iowa Saturday morning. His wife Heidi Cruz, who also attended the […]

Hillary Clinton supporters say Bill Clinton is an asset to her campaign (Video)

By Emiliana Molina DES MOINES, Iowa — Bill Clinton’s legacy as president has played a big role in Hillary Clinton’s campaign, supporters said. Hundreds of Hillary Clinton supporters gathered at Grandview University in Des Moines, Iowa Friday morning. Some supporters said Bill Clinton’s presidency helped catapult Hillary’s campaign.

Food and wine brings French together in Chicago

By Emiliana Molina At Alliance Française de Chicago cultural events help keep the French community together despite the recent terrorist attacks in Paris. Attendees held a moment of silence Wednesday to honor the victims and cheered to the French with a glass of wine and some cheese. Chef Dominique Tounge, owner of Chez Moi, also honored the victims […]

DMK Restaurants grows with good food (Video)

By Emiliana Molina  Allow your taste buds to experience one of the fastest growing restaurant companies in Chicago. DMK Restaurants has nearly doubled its size every year since it opened in 2009 while America was recovering from a recession. Co-owners David Morton and Michael Kornick began the company with one employee in an attempt to […]

Obama to police: Less prison and more gun control (Video)

By Emiliana Molina ‘Thirty-two cops have been shot and killed this year. At least a dozen children have been shot and killed this month,” said President Barack Obama in his address to the International Association of Chiefs of Police in Chicago on Tuesday. The U.S. manufactured about 10 million firearms in 2013 according to the ATF […]