Gresham Elementary community rallies to keep school's staff

by Christian Flores

Christian Flores 2014-04-15 Auburn-Gresham residents rallied in front of Gresham Elementary School to voice their displeasure with Chicago Public Schools' proposal to turn their neighborhood school to the outside nonprofit organization Academy for Urban School Leadership. Parents and students took part in the


'Paper or plastic?' May no longer be a choice in Chicago

by Catherine Boardman

Chicago Shoppers might not have the option of paper or plastic for much longer as Aldermen work to ban plastic bags that litter the streets and damage the environment. But will the switch cost too much for small businesses?


Chicago's startup hub seeking female entrepreneurs

by Christina Avalos

It's well known that there is a shortage of women in the tech world. But one of Chicago’s most well-known startup hubs is attempting to change that.


Rising food costs pull consumer prices higher

by Kerry Cardoza

The March consumer price index rose 0.2 percent, according to a report released Tuesday by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Experts predict inflation rates should remain stable for now.

Northern Trs 1st

Northern Trust's stock slipped after 1st quarter earnings

by Abby Sun

Northern Trust Corp. shares came under pressure Tuesday after the Chicago trust bank reported lower-than-expected first quarter earnings.


Dog owners start petition to increase beach safety for pets

by Elizabeth Wang

Concerned dog owners who frequent Montrose Dog Beach are urging the Chicago Park District to put up more protective barriers around the beach.

Gamma ray galaxy map

Gamma rays shed light on dark matter's shrouded life

by Luke Rague

Gamma rays pouring from the center of our galaxy are giving Fermilab scientists an elusive glimpse at the dark side of the universe – dark matter. Physicists offer convincing evidence of dark matter, theorized to exist only through models until now. Researchers used gamma ray data collected by the FERMI-LAT satellite to map the center of the galaxy and determine the origin of an excess in gamma rays, concluding the only possible origin is dark matter.


Join the Earth Explorers at the Museum of Science and Industry

by Elise Byun

"Earth Explorers” exhibit at the Museum of Science and Industry gives visitors an immersive around-the-world experience  - from a tent in a tropical rain forest to a cabin in the Arctic.


Education and staffing boosts: Top priorities to help Illinois nurses save lives

by Jade Kolker

The Illinois Center for Nursing estimates that by the year 2020, there will be an estimated shortage of 21,000 nurses in Illinois. "With the aging population and how sick people will become, we need more educated nurses," according to Sharon Canariato, executive director at the Illinois Organization of Nurse Leaders.