VIDEO: Crafting the perfect bow

By Mathias Meier

Just as poets argue that the eyes are the window to the soul, classical musicians say the bow is the lips, teeth and tongue to a violin. And when local players want their instruments to sound their best, many go to see Eric Swanson.

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University of Chicago economists don’t see Fed raising rates before Sept.

By Lucy Ren and Ryan Sachetta

The Federal Reserve is unlikely to raise interest rates before its September meeting and instead will wait into the summer to get a better assessment of the economy before making any decisions, according to two University of Chicago economists.

Former Federal Reserve governor and University of Chicago professor Randall Kroszner and University of Chicago economics professor and former chairman of the Council of Economic Advisers Austan Goolsbee spoke in a wide-ranging discussion on the economy Thursday evening.

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VIDEO: Medillcast

Produced by Julie Woon

Medillcast is a weekly newscast covering events and issues in Chicago. J’nelle Agee and Courtney Dillard bring you this week’s top stories. The headlines include a look at the new partnership between American Airlines and the Cubs, Illinois House of Representatives Majority Leader Barbara Flynn Currie’s award from the ACLU , funeral arrangements for the late Cardinal Francis George and we speak to two NFL hopefuls about their opinions on the draft coming to Chicago. Continue reading

VIDEO: Ex-convict ‘gives back to his community in the best way’

By Amina Ismail

After spending nearly a decade going in and out of prison, Arnold Julien, 47, decided to change his life. He joined One Northside, a non-profit that works on neighborhood equality and social-justice related issues. Julien’s focus is on preventing violence in the very same neighborhoods where he grew up.

“I felt that I was definitely part of the problem that was being displayed in the communities, so I thought I would fit in best in that part,” Julien said.

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