The Chicago Board of Education met Wednesday to determine the fate of three elementary schools for a proposed turnaround. DeJonique Garrison/MEDILL

Board votes for 3 elementary schools to be 'turned around' for the fall term

by DeJonique Garrison


The Chicago Board of Education unanimouosly voted, Wednesday, to "turn around" Gresham, Dvorak, and McNair elementary schools, citing chronic under performance. The Academy for Urban School Leadership, which operates charter schools in Chicago, will take control beginning July 1st. 


Rand Paul calls for schools deregulation

by Ella Sonja West


Sen. Rand Paul spoke to students and alum at the University of Chicago on Tuesday, fielding question about education policy in what some are considering a warmup for a 2016 bid for the presidency.  


New pay-by-phone parking app rolls out in West Loop

by Catherine Boardman

A new app allows drivers in the West Loop to pay for a parking spot and add time by using their mobile phone. The service has Chicago drivers excited about avoiding parking tickets, but worried about other drawbacks.


Rauner, Illinois Republicans push for comprehensive immigration reform

by Nicole Blanchard

Gov. Quinn’s gubernatorial rival and other politicians seek opportunities for legal immigrant employment in the U.S. as a means of becoming more competitive in the global economy. Their position is an apparent departure from national GOP lawmakers in the House.


Northwestern's Mount Trashmore piles up the waste on Earth Day

by Jade Kolker

Northwestern University celebrates Earth Day by building a mountain of trash. The visual representation of the amount of garbage collected around campus during just seven hours shows people walking by that recycling does make an impact. Each day, Northwestern generates 8.9 tons of garbage and recycles 4.3 tons.


Boston, runners embrace marathon a year after tragedy

by Christine Skopec

I ran my first Boston Marathon on Monday, one year after the bombings that shocked the country. Rather than expressing sorrow or fear, I and 36,000 other runners found a close-knit community that was still healing but ready to move forward.


Faith leaders unite to support LGBT asylum-seekers

by Alix Hines

Faith leaders in Chicago are working together to support LGBT people fleeing oppressive regimes worldwide. In more than 75 countries it is illegal to be LGBT or support LGBT community organizations, according to Rev. Lois Parr of Broadway United Methodist Church.


Chicago Kite: Where the wind takes you

by Elizabeth Wang

Illinois' only official kite store is spreading its wings again coming out of the winter weather. The family-run business is helping keep the fun and age-old sport alive.


Celebrate Earth Day in Chicago all week!

by Luke Rague

Communities, schools and your favorite organizations have a number of events planned throughout the week coming to celebrate Earth Day. From tree plantings to deep discussions to bike rides, find an environmentally-minded activity that's perfect for you.