Day four of hunger strike at Dyett High School continues (VIDEO)

By Carmen Lopez and John Rosin

Parents and community leaders are on day four of a hunger strike in Bronzeville. They are protesting the Chicago Public School’s decision to postpone the review of proposals  suggesting the reopening Dyett High School.

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Proposed Lake View Rehab Center Gets Mixed Reviews (VIDEO)

By Sara Shouhayib and Lydia Randall

A proposed drug and alcohol rehabilitation coming to Lake View in early 2016 is getting some pushback from local residents. Those opposed to the clinic are concerned about the safety of children that live and go to school in the area, while others believe it will have no effect on the daily lives of Lake View residents at all.

Rosecrance, the group behind the proposed rehab center, is waiting to receive approval from the zoning board for a special use permit that will allow people in recovery to live in the facility while seeking treatment.  The next zoning meeting is set for October 2015.

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Pets offered free one day only (Video)

By Sean Froelich and Coral Lu

Cat and dog lovers rejoice! Animal shelters across Chicago and the entire U.S. will waive adoption fees for their sheltered pets on Saturday, Aug. 15. The Anti-Cruelty Society is one of 32 shelters across the city that will participate in the national campaign. The campaign, known as “Clear the Shelter” was started by NBC and Telemundo in Texas last year.


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Medill evening news update: Aug. 12, 2015

By Anne Arntson

These are today’s top stories in Chicago. Sean Froelich catches up with the Anti-Cruelty Society, which is participating in Clear the Shelter, a national event to connect families with new four-legged friends.

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Medill midday news bite 8/12

By John Rosin

Animal shelters in Chicago hold a “clear the shelter” event this weekend, putting cats, dogs and guinea pigs up for adoption at no cost.

Michael Jordan sues a grocery store owner for using his name in a 2009 advertisement.

Mayor Emanuel paints with youth as part of a job initiative.

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