Advances in treatment mean ACL injuries are no longer career-enders for athletes

By Benji Cohen Years ago, when an athlete tore their ACL (the anterior cruciate ligament in the knee), they would never be the same athlete or, worse, it may have meant their career was over. New surgical techniques and physical therapy rehabilitation that have developed over the past several years have changed that. It’s now possible […]

Soccer is the leader in concussions among women’s sports

A Medill Newsmakers Report By Benji Cohen On this edition of Medill Newsmakers we discuss concussions in a sport that has not received as much attention for its concussion problems as football has. Women’s soccer had the fourth highest sports-related concussion rate per player among NCAA sports and the second most concussions overall, according to a […]

The Bard of the Skyline: Chicago Shakespeare Theatre expands on Navy Pier

By Benji Cohen Chicago Shakespeare Theatre is expanding its presence at Navy Pier with a new theater space, the company announced today at an unveiling of the architectural design. The year-round venue named The Yard will be the third theatrical stage for the Shakespeare troupe. The venue will fit inside the current Skyline Stage and […]

Evanston’s new “Temperance” movement involves lots of beer (VIDEO)

By Benji Cohen Two and a half years ago, Temperance Beer Co. became Evanston’s first craft brewery since prohibition. Temperance got its name from the anti-alcohol movement that began in Evanston in the early 20th century, and it says Evanston can once again be part of a growing Temperance movement: But this one is about beer. […]

The other concussion concern: Women’s soccer (Video)

By Benji Cohen While much of the discussion about concussions centers on football and the men – both young and professional – who play it, Dr. Cynthia R. Labella is quick to point out that there is another sport that gets much less attention. “The concussion rates in women’s soccer are almost as high as […]

Lincoln Park shelter treats homelessness holistically (VIDEO)

By Benji Cohen The Lincoln Park Community Shelter has a different approach for helping the homeless. When a homeless “visitor,” as they are called, enters its doors, case managers at Lincoln Park Community Shelter (LPCS) immediately devise a plan for the person to help them get a job and find more permanent housing.


By Benji Cohen The transition from a basketball superstar player to a college head coach has been relatively smooth, according to Sheryl Swoopes. No matter what the record indicates. Swoopes, 44, often called the “Michael Jordan of women’s basketball,” is in her third season coaching  Loyola University’s women’s basketball team, a program that has “no tradition,” Swoopes […]


By Benji Cohen On a day when the offense struggled to pass the ball, the Wildcats’ defense proved why its one of the best in the country. The Northwestern Wildcats improved to 8-2 for the first time since 1996 after defeating the Purdue Boilermakers 21-14 on Senior Day at Ryan Field.


By Benji Cohen Northwestern looked like two different basketball teams in the first and second halves of its’ home opener Friday night against University of Massachusetts at Lowell. The Wildcats struggled to find their rhythm offensively in the first half against an opponent that finished in 6th place in the America East Conference . They […]